Ain't No Party Like a Democratic Party!

 Photo: Josh Clennon

Last night I attended the biennial NY County Democratic Committee Meeting.

The meeting got off to a slightly late start due to a lack of quorum (according to Party rules, there must be at least 250 County Committee members in attendance, and at least 25 CC members from 7 different Assembly districts.)

Once quorum was reached, Jeanine Johnson was elected temporary chair of the meeting, and proceeded to read the names of all the County Committee members being nominated to fill vacancies on the County Committee.

To give some background on this, every 2 years Democrats are elected to fill spots on the County Committee. This year each Election District was allotted two County Committee members apiece. Many clubs petition these people on the ballot - if the races are contested, then the top two vote-getters become members of the County Committee. If the races are uncontested, then the nominees are automatically elected. But there are inevitably vacancies, either because clubs do not run people in every ED, or because ties occur and no one wins. In those cases, the District Leaders for a particular Assembly District Part can submit names to the County Committee which can then vote to appoint those members to the Committee.

So, back to the meeting. Jeanine read many, many names of nominees and when the list was done being read, the Committee voted to appoint everyone to the County Committee. Here in the 76th Part B, Adam Roberts and I appointed 9 members to the County Committee: Frank Wilkinson, Abraham Salcedo, Ahmed Tigani, Monica Atiya, Linda Howes, Stephen Phebus, Dan Wald, Justin Kelton and John Wagner.

Once the vacancies were filled, Nico Minerva was elected Chair of the County Committee and Ben Yee was elected Secretary. The Committee then voted to approve the Party rules, unchanged from 2013.

Nico then proceeded to chair the elections for the remaining Party officers: 1st Vice Chair - Louise Dankberg, 2nd Vice Chair - Maria Luna, 3rd Vice Chair - Ernestine Bell Temple, Treasurer - Darrell Pastor, Vice Treasurer - Milagros Garcia, Sgt at Arms - Earl Scott.

Keith Wright gave a brief County Leader report. He reminded people that Democratic judicial delegates are allotted based on how many votes the Democratic line receives in the gubernatorial race, and encouraged folks to vote on the Dem line.

(I'll editorialize here for a moment to say that "help us get more judicial delegates!" is not a particularly inspiring campaign slogan. If we want more people to vote the Dem line, we should do a better job of putting out good Democratic candidates and making it clear why the Democratic Party deserves your vote.)

So that was it! A few more County Committee vacancies were filled before the meeting was adjourned, and Scott Stringer stopped by to congratulate the newly elected County Committee. But all in all it was a very smooth meeting and we adjourned before 8pm.

Wanna learn more about the Manhattan Democratic Party? There's a website! 

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