County Party Update

I want to give everyone an update on what happened at last week's Executive Committee Meeting. 

The main focus of the meeting was the formation of the Rules Committee. Chung Seto was appointed Chair of the committee by the County Chair, with Sylvia Di Pietro as Vice Chair. Gale Brewer was also appointed as Honorary Chair.

At that meeting, we decided the following:


The District Leaders directed the Chair to appoint one rules committee member from each Assembly District, recommended by the District Leaders in each AD. Those members, in addition to the Chair and Vice Chair, will be the only voting members of the committee.
We also resolved to make sure that the full committee member list would be made public prior to the first meeting of the committee, and that any recommendations of the committee would be made public at least 2 weeks prior to the reconvened County Committee meeting January. You can view the full meeting, which was live streamed on the Manhattan Democrats Facebook page, here:
The District Leaders for the 76th AD have made the following recommendations to the Rules Committee:
We would like to recommend Pierre Ratzki as our member of the Rules Committee. Pierre is currently a County Committee Member representing 76AD/71ED.
We would also like to make the following recommendations with regards to which issues we believe the committee should address:
  • Requiring electronic notice for committee and subcommittee meetings (in addition to standard notice by mail)
  • Providing more information on the qualifications of the people running for positions such as County Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, etc., perhaps with candidate statements or bios.
  • Lowering the threshold to get business on the agenda and call a meeting.
  • Increasing notice for Executive Committee meetings - including the scheduling of meetings at least 3 months in advance.
  • Requiring the publication of the list of all District Leaders and County Committee members on the Manhattan Democrats website, including contact information for District Leaders.
  • More oversight by the Executive Committee regarding the formation of various committees, including all subcommittees, as well as the rules committee.
Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in the committee, and to everyone who made rules suggestions at our divisional meeting.
As soon as I know when the first meeting will be held, I will publish that information. These meetings will be open to observers. We've also been told that the full County Committee will be reconvening some time in January, though a date has not been set.
I hope everyone has a happy and restful holiday weekend!
P.S. Take 5 minutes and call Congress about this monstrous Tax Bill!

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