What's a District Leader?

A District Leader is an unpaid, elected party official. We represent Democrats in our district to the county Democratic party and sit on the party's executive committee. In that role, we elect the County Leader and vote on countywide endorsements of judicial candidates. We are also charged with recruiting poll workers for the Board of Elections and monitoring poll sites on election day.

Beyond the official responsibilities, I also believe in using the position of District Leader as a platform to advocate for progressive causes and to recruit volunteers for Democratic candidates all over the state. In 2016 I organized trips to Long Island and the Hudson Valley for Democratic State Senate and Congressional candidates. In 2017 I organized an event with local elected officials in support of election reform, and also organized volunteers for a GOTV canvass in support of Democratic candidate Phil Murphy. This year, in addition to working on 2018 congressional elections, I will also be focused on important local issues, such as empty storefronts, lack of affordable housing, reduction of bus service, and the preservation of our green space.