Make Sure Your Vote Will Count!

In just over 6 weeks, voters will be heading to the polls for the 2015 Primary elections. Make sure your vote will count!

First, check to make sure your voter registration is up to date here:

If you've recently moved or need to update your registration, you can do so here:

Remember, the deadline to register for the Sept. 10th Primary is August 14th. You can click HERE for the full list of voting deadlines in New York.

Finally, if you are a registered voter, but you will not be in New York onSeptember 10th, you MUST apply for an absentee ballot by mail by September 3rd, or in person by September 9th. You can find absentee ballot applications here:

In local races like ours, even one vote can make a difference, so make sure your vote will be counted!

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