Happy Holidays!

Back in January I sent an email titled "New Year, New Challenges" and I'm proud to say that over the past eleven months we've met those challenges head on.  In March we organized an event that educated and trained activists on election reform. Last week, I was proud to stand with State Senator Liz Krueger, Council Member Ben Kallos, and my fellow District Leader Ben Wetzler as the mayor signed a bill  allowing New Yorkers to register to vote online!

Of course, there is still much to be done to further improve our voting laws, including early voting and same day registration. On January 16th, 2018, advocates will be descending on Albany to push for these important reforms. If you'd like to go, you can sign up HERE.

I hope you are all able to have a restful and happy holiday season. It's been a busy year, and I'm sure 2018 will be no different, but I have no doubt that we will meet all of the challenges that come with grace, and with grit.

Happy Holidays!

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